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Inventory "Boot Camp" - One Day Workshop
On-Site Courses or Via Webcast

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We’ve worked with many companies to help them gain control of their inventory. We have had tremendous success with our MRP "Boot Camp" Workshop and are excited to present this great one day course to help you get control of inventory! We offer this course on-site or via webcast. In this workshop you’ll gain:

  • An overview of inventory management
  • Learn how to reduce costs associated with inventory
  • Methods to reduce stockouts and missed shipments
  • Identify inventory ordering methodologies including Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • How to smooth the flow of inventory in the supply chain
  • Techniques of physical inventory management
  • Discuss organizational relationships and responsibilities
  • Review software & information aspects of inventory management

This workshop is intended for material planners, production control, inventory planners, management, team leaders, purchasing and shop supervisors.

Presented by Gene Brockmeier, this highly educational workshop is based on Gene's 30 years of in-depth experience in materials management. Attendees will receive a solid understanding of the business processes which support effective inventory management. In-class exercises will provide a detailed understanding of the mechanics of inventory flow, ordering and cost. Attendees will learn the many aspects of inventory management to provide more effective planning & control. We'll study batch sizes, ordering methods, lot size rules, safety stock. We will cover the physical management of inventory including cycle counting. The affect of leadtime and quality variation on inventory levels along with surplus and obsolete inventory will be covered. Attendees will come away with a better understanding of company ERP systems and methods to reduce shortages and inventory cost.

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