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To learn more about APICS in Wichita, Kansas

Applied Critical Thinking

"Improving your cognitive thought processes to analyze problems and develop effective solutions"
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Comments from a presentation to Wichita State University College of Engineering, March 29, 2019
"Challenged my thinking and helped to look at things differently"
"Excellent presentation. I enjoyed it greatly"
"He showed that adjusting your thinking can drive great change"

This one day workshop is also available for on-site presentation at your company or organization. We also offer this as a short presentation. Please contact us for more information.

Critical Thinking Class - $695 June 25, 2019 Seattle, WA May 25, 2019
Critical Thinking Class - $695 October 1, 2019 Boston, MA Sept 1, 2019
Critical Thinking Class - $695 October 8, 2019 Houston, TX September 8, 2019

This tremendous workshop will provide attendees with valuable knowledge and skills to vastly improve reasoning, root cause analysis and decision making skills. Creates an intellectually disciplined thinking process for gathering information, conceptualizing and achieving solutions. Presents numerous techniques to conceptualize, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and apply knowledge. Problem solving, decision making and planning skills will be discussed. Learn methods to gather information by observation, interviewing, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication. The class presents numerous techniques to reduce the time and cost associated with developing and achieving significant solutions to complex problems. The information presented will be an outstanding addition to NIMS and Six Sigma training!

Presented by Gene Brockmeier this class will improve your ability to quickly analyze problems and develop robust solutions. Gene has spent 30 years analyzing, designing, developing and implementing business solutions. He has worked for Boeing, Federal Mogul Corporation and Bombardier Lear Jet. He has consulted with major companies and government organizations on how analyze, develop and implement improvements to organizations. Gene is a Certified CPIM Master Instructor for the American Production & Inventory Control Society and is a member of Mensa International.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How to create a solid definition of the improved state - "Point B"
  • Analyzing the characteristics of current state - "Point A"
  • How to transition from "Point A to Point B" rapidly and at lower cost
  • 10 Key elements of successful projects
  • New problem solving methodologies
  • Gain critical analytical skills
  • Identification of root causes of problems
  • Methods to reduce project durations and cost
  • Analytical tools to help design successful solutions

Expected Benefits Include:

  • Gain analysis skills to rapidly define and achieve robust solutions
  • Reduce the time and cost of Six Sigma projects
  • Improve problem solving, decision making and planning skills
  • Develop better solutions to problems and projects faster and at lower cost!
  • Improved employee communications and decision making
  • Learn structured listening and questioning skills

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