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To learn more about APICS in Wichita, Kansas

“Remote Consulting”

"Need help with MRP but can't afford the high cost of consulting & travel?"
"Looking for guidance on using your manufacturing software?"
"Need general business guidance by EXPERIENCED professionals?"

We can help resolve the challenges you have with material planning, inventory, operations or purchasing. We have over 60 years in supply chain, materials management and systems and we are ready to help you via web meeting & teleconference saving you time and money! We'll work with you to improve use of your computing software, implement supply chain management processes, reduce inventory & operations costs and increase on-time shipments. We can review your processes and information systems to help you achieve higher levels of performance. We'll work with you to help reduce shortages, improve shipping performance and eliminate waste.

Call us at (316) 655-8748 or (909) 731-1120 or email us

Having difficulty getting your MRP system to work as you need it? We have hands-on experience improving MRP processes. Problems with inventories? We can help identify and eliminate problems with inventory. Need help understanding material planning and scheduling? We're the operations scheduling experts! Help is only a phone call away! We offer outstanding experience and results! Contact us!! Phone (316) 655-8748 or email us

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