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We provide outstanding MRP consulting and education to help you lower inventories, increase on-time shipments and improve operations efficiency! With more than 60 years of successful materials management consulting and education experience, we can improve your material management processes and ERP systems. Contact Gene Brockmeier (316) 655-8748.


MRP Boot Camp April 9, 2019 Pittsburg / Mars, PA March 9, 2019
MRP Advanced Workshop April 10 & 11, 2019 Pittsburg / Mars, PA March 10, 2019
Warehouse Inventory Management April 30 - May 2, 2019 Ontario, CA March 30, 2019
MRP Boot Camp May 7, 2019 Hartford, CT April 7, 2019
MRP Advanced Workshop May 8 & 9, 2019 Hartford, CT April 7, 2019
Warehouse Inventory Management June 18 - 20, 2019 Dallas, TX May 18, 2019
Warehouse Inventory Management September 10 - 12, 2019 Houston, TX August 10, 2019


We have worked with many small to medium size manufacturing companies who aren't getting good value from their ERP/MRP systems. If you struggle with confusion, scheduling problems, unknown costs, late shipments you need to attend this course. So we decided to put together a one day MRP workshop to help put your ERP software back on track. We've packed over 60 years of MRP operations and systems experience into this course and are highly confident that it will help to get you started to success.

For small and medium size companies! - call - (316) 655-8748 or Click here for course syllabus


NEW for 2018!! Material Planning Fundamentals Workshop - 1 Day

WEBINAR SCHEDULE: 9:00 - 5:00 Central Time - Cost: $395.00 per person
April 23, 2019 - July 23, 2019 - October 22, 2019
This is a terrific, one day material planning workshop that provides critical basic skills for those involved with material planning decision making! This workshop will cover the basic analysis and decision making skills for planners which will enable them to make optimum item level decisions. We will review the business activities and data that provide a solid platform for effective material planning including ABC inventory classification. Attendees will have a detailed understanding of the material ordering methods, critical data and supporting activities.
Contact us at (316) 655-8748 or email us . . . Click here for course syllabus


Introduction to MRP - 3 Day Workshop

This three day workshop provides attendees with broad knowlege in material requirements planning and improves employee knowledge of ERP systems. Attendees will receive an indepth understanding of how MRP affects delivery schedules & cost. We will cover inventory ordering methods, policies and lot sizes and the elements of Class A MRP operations. Attendees will have a detailed understanding of the affects of leadtimes, order lot sizes, safety stock and delivery schedules.
Contact us at (316) 655-8748 or email us . . . Click here for course syllabus


MRP Boot Camp Workshop - 1 Day

WEBINAR SCHEDULE: 9:00 - 5:00 Central Time - Cost: $395.00 per person
April 25, 2019 - July 25, 2019 - October 24, 2019

Also available via Webcast!! Our one day, MRP Boot Camp workshop provides an excellent understanding of material requirements planning (MRP). This is an excellent course for ERP implementations! Presented by Gene Brockmeier, this highly educational course provides a solid understanding of the primary business processes which support accurate material planning. In-class exercises provide a detailed understanding of the mechanics of MRP and the relationship with support functions. Don't miss this outstanding class!!
Contact us at (316) 655-8748 or email us
. . . Click here for course syllabus


MRP Advanced Workshop - 2 Days

If you're not getting the most out of your ERP/MRP system, this is the course you need to attend! Our MRP Advanced Workshop will unveil specific tips and techniques we've used to help companies operate more effectively. This couse will present approximately 50 detailed areas for you to analyze, change and measure to correct material management problems. Data level details will guide you where to look for material management problems and how to correct them. We will show you how to implement, manage and measure specific business processes to achieve significant reductions in inventory and reduce confusion. This is a "nuts & bolts" course that all management and analysts should attend

Contact us at (316) 655-8748 or email us Click here for course syllabus


NEW for 2018!! Warehouse Inventory Management - 3 Day Course

This course is targeted for companies with field warehouses such as energy companies, aerospace, oil field, phone, communcations, utilities. This tremendous three day workshop will provide attendees with valuable skills to reduce the time and cost associated with managing independent demand inventory and improve your use of ERP systems. Attendees will learn a number of material ordering methods to reduce inventory investment and increase customer satisfaction. Topics include demand variation, material requirements planning (MRP), safety stock planning, ABC inventory management, JIT and inventory accuracy. We also present warehouse best practices.
Contact us at (316) 655-8748 or email us Click here for course syllabus


Inventory Management Bootcamp Workshop

Available via Webcast
We’ve worked with many companies to help them gain control of their inventory and now we're going to share our secrets for success! We have had tremendous success with our MRP "Boot Camp" Workshop and are excited to present this great one day course to help you get control of inventory! We offer this course on-site or via webcast.
.... Click here for course syllabus


Introduction to Supply Chain Management Course

We've had some requests for a solid, one day intro to supply chain management so here it is! This is a great course for department managers, analysts, IT, shop employees and support organizations. We cover the fundamental aspects of the supply chain to give employees a better understanding of material flow. We'll cover the supply chain end-to-end so that attendees come away with a great understanding of the supply chain and where they can contribute. This is an outstanding introductory supply chain course!
Contact us at (316) 655-8748 or email us .... Click here for course syllabus


Critical Thinking Workshop

This tremendous two day workshop will provide attendees with valuable skills to vastly improve reasoning, root cause analysis and decision making skills. Creates an intellectually disciplined thinking process for gathering information, conceptualizing and achieving solutions. Presents numerous techniques to conceptualize, analyze, synthesize, evaluate and apply information. Problem solving, decision making and planning skills will be discussed. Learn methods to gather information by observation, interviewing, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication. The workshop presents numerous techniques to reduce the time and cost associated with developing and achieving significant solutions to complex problems.
Click here for course syllabus Contact us at (316) 655-8748 or email us


Introduction to Materials Management Course

This four day course provides a broad understanding of the factors influencing the flow of materials in a manufacturing enterprise. This course describes the basics of supply chain management, manufacturing planning and control systems, purchasing, and physical distribution. Also included is coverage of key topics such as KanBan, supply chain concepts, system selection, theory of constraints and drum-buffer-rope, and the need for new products. Depending on the level of expertise in your organization, Introduction to Materials Management may be a great primer to the CPIM courses.
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Shop Floor Control "Boot Camp"

This is a one day workshop that will provide valuable employee skills for improving operations performance. We'll explore methods to reduce waste, improve quality and increase on time delivery. We'll examine methods to improve inventory accuracy, reduce setup time and increase employee performance. Attendees will gain an understanding of MRP and its interface with operations. We'll also cover the feedback from operations necessary to improve production scheduling. The workshop will cover numerous LEAN METHODS to identify and reduce waste on the factory floor. It provides attendees with leadership, communication and analysis skills. This workshop is a tremendous learning opportunity for employees in operations, engineering and material planning.
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