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"MRP Boot Camp" Workshop

We’ve had numerous requests for a one-day MRP workshop and here it is! This course will improve your material managment processes and software use. In this workshop you’ll gain a solid understanding of the mechanics of MRP and its relationship to other manufacturing processes and organizations. This workshop is intended for material planners, production control, inventory planners, management, team leaders, purchasing and shop supervisors. This highly informative workshop is based on 30 years of in-depth MRP experience and provides attendees with a solid understanding of the business, software and data management processes which support accurate material planning. This workshop is also available on-site or via webcast.

Workshop Topics
Attendees will learn how to analyze the material planning process to identify and solve material management problems. You’ll learn how to select lot sizes and lot sizing methods to optimize inventory levels and reduce shortages and late deliveries. We’ll review the importance of lead times and the affect that queue time and setup time have on inventory and on-time shipments. Attendees will receive an understanding of production planning, master production scheduling, inventory management, purchasing, shop floor control and MRP. In-class exercises provide a detailed understanding of the mechanics of MRP and the relationship with support activities. The workshop also includes a review of the organizational and software processes which support MRP. We'll also cover critical the day to day activities needed in an MRP environment. Also covered are Bills of Materials (BOM's), data conversion and the affects of lot sizes, order quantity conversions and order multiples.

Course Benefits

  • Reduced inventory and lower manufacturing cost
  • Increase on-time shipments
  • Reduce confusion and conflict, higher job satisfaction
  • More accurate visibility of job status
  • Shorten manufacturing lead times
  • Reduced job splits and better work flow
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved use of your MRP system
  • A more accurate and reliable MRP system
  • More accurate product costs
  • Lower direct labor costs and reduced WIP

Course Duration: 1 day

On-site & Webcast MRP Boot Camp Courses

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