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MRP Advanced Workshop

Our two day MRP Advanced Workshop will present specific tips and techniques that we have used to make ERP/MRP processes and systems run more effectively. Approximately 50 different detailed areas will be presented for you to review and manage. Data level details will guide you where to look for material management problems and how to correct them. We will show you how to manage and measure specific business processes to achieve significant reductions in inventory and reduce confusion. This is a "nuts & bolts" course that all management and analysts should attend.

Workshop Topics

  • Where to look for data problems and parameter settings and how to correct them
  • Key reports to manage your business and MRP system
  • Business processes to implement to effectively manage MRP data
  • Education & training requirements
  • Key Advanced files & parameter settings
  • How to align your business processes to improve material management
  • Day-to-day organizational processes to increase MRP accuracy and use
  • Measurements to achieve and sustain improvements

Course Benefits

  • Reduced inventory and lower manufacturing cost
  • Increase on-time shipments
  • Reduce confusion and conflict, higher job satisfaction
  • More accurate visibility of job status
  • Shorter manufacturing lead times
  • Reduced job splits and better work flow
  • Improved decision making and fewer meetings
  • Improved use of your MRP system
  • A more accurate and reliable MRP system
  • More accurate product costs
  • Lower direct labor costs and reduced WIP
  • Improved capacity planning

Course Duration: 2 days

Contact us to schedule this course for your company.
Phone Gene Brockmeier at (316) 655-8748 or Terry Johnson at (909) 731-1120 or EMAIL US

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